I am a self-taught artist and have been painting and creating, using a variety of media, since I was a child.

My art-work began as very detailed water-colours depicting the external, natural world, and gradually developed into more abstract paintings that reflected my developing ‘internal world’, using oil or acrylic on canvas.

As an adult, psychology, philosophy and spirituality have been additional interests of mine, and many of my pieces are inspired by life experiences that involve emotional, psychological and spiritual states of being.

My art-work can include layered, textured use of other materials to reflect that humans are multi-layered, multifaceted beings with the capacity to experience their connection to self, others and the world around them on many levels, beyond our limited perception. Life, art and our connection to the latter have many dimensions for those who wish to seek beyond the surface.

As we are moving into a time of evolution that requires further environmental and self-awareness, creative/lateral thinking and sustainable living, I have recently been creating more pieces that use natural and recyclable resources.

Through personal and professional experience as Psychotherapist, I believe that creativity of any kind can aid the healing process and is an essential aspect for leading a fulfilling, meaningful life.

You can see my work at
Sunshine Books, Art and Coffee'
Hove St, Hove.

The media that I have experience in are:

  • Water-colours

  • Oil-paints

  • Oli and chalk pastels

  • Pencil and charcoal drawing

  • Encaustic art (Wax)

  • Clay-work

  • Glass-painting

  • Jewellery-making

  • Shell and bead decorations/garlands

  • Artificial flower decorations/garlands

  • Pressed flower and leaf work

  • Mandalas

Meditations in colour